September 16, 2021

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Pretend it says Deno Monthly for the time being.. ;-)

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Deno 1.14 Released — As is characteristic of these Deno point releases, it's a huge mixed bag of enhancements and updates. A few of the more interesting, to us:

The Deno Team

Deno on MDNMDN is one of the most popular Web developer resources around and Deno is now listed in MDN’s compatibility data charts given how much Deno leans on mainstream Web APIs.

Luca Casonato

node_http: A Node.js-like HTTP server for Deno — The aim is to make porting Web projects from Node a little easier.


Compression 🗜️: Deno HTTP Compression Middleware — gzip, deflate and Brotli support, plus it can detect supported encodings with the Accept-Encoding header.


tinyhttp 0.1.23: A Deno Port of tinyhttp for a Zero-Legacy, Tiny and Fast Web Framework — Dependencies are updated and boasts 2x faster installation compared to previous versions.


vercel-deno 1.0: Vercel Runtime for Deno-Powered Serverless Functions
Vercel Community