August 12, 2021

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Deno 1.13 Released — This is truly a release of many small enhancements - enough so that we’re going to need some bulletpoints:

  • V8 9.3 – more on that below.
  • The native HTTP server API in now stable.
  • Support for self.structuredClone()
  • The system certificate support can now be used for TLS.
  • TLS verification can be disabled if you need to.
  • Improvements to the Deno language server and the VS Code extension.
  • And, of course, much more.

The Deno Team

V8 Release v9.3 — Recent V8 releases have been reasonably lean on new features, and so it goes with 9.3 which mostly gets faster compilation, Object.hasOwn (an alias for Object.prototype.​hasOwnProperty.​call), and the ability to attach error ‘causes’ to Error instances. It’s in beta until Chrome 93 (due in the coming weeks) and while Node.js users have to wait a week or two, it's in Deno 1.13 right now!

Ingvar Stepanyan

Pagic: A Static Site Generator Powered by Deno and React — Aims to be simple to get up and running with a convention over configuration approach. Links to demos.


gql: Universal GraphQL HTTP Middleware for Deno — Well-tested, has examples and autogenerated docs. Unlike other sub middleware, this isn’t framework specific (it works with std/http, tinyhttp and Opine out of the box).

Deno Libraries

deno-dotenv 3.0: .env File Handling for Deno — For when you want to dynamically load in environment variables.

Piet van Zoen

Denoify 0.8.0: For NPM Module Authors Who Would Like to Support Deno — Takes a TypeScript codebase targeting Node (or the Web) and returns a modified Deno module flavored version. 0.8 adds support for ES modules.

Garrone Joseph

Octokit.js 1.4.0: The All-Batteries-Included GitHub SDK — Supports browsers, Node, and, yes, Deno.