July 8, 2021

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▶  Using Deno Deploy to Release Super Fast Cloud Functions — Jack promises a look into the “potential JavaScript future” by building a chat app using Deno and deploying it on the Deno Deploy platform. This is easy to understand and follow along with, and the approach taken feels so natural.

Jack Herrington

Deno Deploy Beta 1 — Deno Deploy is a multi-tenant JavaScript engine (running V8) operating in 25 data centers across the world to which you can quickly deploy Deno-based code.

Ryan Dahl

Obsidian 3.1: Native GraphQL Caching Client and Server Module — Obsidian is Deno’s first native GraphQL caching client and server module. Boasting lightning-fast caching and fetching capabilities alongside headlining normalization and destructuring strategies, Obsidian is particularly optimized for use in server-side rendered React apps.

Justin McKay

How to Persist Data Using Firebase — A new official tutorial on building a simple API that can persist data on Google’s Firebase platform.

Kitson Kelly

DenoDB: A MySQL, SQLite, Postgres and MongoDB ORM

Arnaud Dellinger