April 1, 2021

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Announcing the Deno Company — The folks behind Deno have raised $4.9m and formed a company to help push it further forward, including plans to hire more full-time engineers.

Ryan Dahl, Bert Belder

Deno Deploy: A Globally Distributed JavaScript VM — A new VM service that runs JavaScript, TypeScript, and WebAssembly at the edge, worldwide. It integrates the V8 JavaScript runtime with a high performance asynchronous web server to provide “optimal performance without unnecessary intermediate abstractions”.


'I published a book' — Deno Web Development — A new book that covers how to write, test, maintain, and deploy JavaScript and TypeScript web applications using Deno. Available in both paperback and Kindle formats.

Alexandre Portela dos Santos

Deno v.1.8.2 — A number of minor fixes and improvements.

Deno Land (GitHub)

My Experience using Deno, Svelte, and Tailwind in 2021
David Salazar

Building React Applications using Deno: The Definite Guide
Akash Joshi

Useful Resources

We're going to keep some links to perennially useful posts and resources down here just while everyone is getting up to speed with the Deno community. There's nothing new here, so if you want to skip them – no problem! :-)

awesome-deno: A Curated List of Things Related to Deno


The Deno Third Party Modules Directory — Deno has its own official code hosting service for Deno libraries.


Deno Docker: Latest Dockerfiles and Images for Deno — Grab some Docker files here covering Alpine Linux, CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu.

Andy Hayden