March 18, 2021

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gql: Universal GraphQL HTTP Middleware for Deno — Well-tested, has examples and autogenerated docs. Unlike other sub middleware, this isn’t framework specific and it provides an interface for std/http.

Deno Libraries

▶  Using Deno and The Slack API to Pick Contest Winners — Three books were being given away to random members of a Slack community and rather than pick the names out of a hat, why not write a Deno script to do the job?

The Changelog

DenoDash: Think Lodash But for Deno — A utility library, similar to Underscore and Lodash, but written Typescript-First. Offers functions for manipulating and working with arrays, functions, types, and more, though it’s still early days.

Brian Boyko

A New Deno-Flavored Approach to Emacs — Emacs user? You might find this interesting. Emacs NG brings a variety of Deno and TypeScript sparkle to Emacs in the form of a native layer placed over the top of it.

Emacs NG

deno_mongo: A MongoDB Driver for Deno

Deno Drivers

Servest 1.2: A Progressive HTTP Module Suite for Deno

Yusuke Sakurai

Useful Resources

We're going to keep some links to perennially useful posts and resources down here just while everyone is getting up to speed with the Deno community. There's nothing new here, so if you want to skip them – no problem! :-)

awesome-deno: A Curated List of Things Related to Deno


The Deno Third Party Modules Directory — Deno has its own official code hosting service for Deno libraries.


Deno Docker: Latest Dockerfiles and Images for Deno — Grab some Docker files here covering Alpine Linux, CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu.

Andy Hayden