October 22, 2020

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The Nest.land Hacktoberfest Online Meetup — Join Ryan Dahl, Sam Williams, Michael Spengler and others tomorrow (October 23) at an online meetup followed by a weekend of creating or working on Deno modules. If you want to get involved with the Deno community a bit more, this seems like a great opportunity, though you'll want to register quickly. More info here.

Major League Hacking

How to Read Environment Variables in Deno — The way to read environment variables in Deno has changed from its early incarnation (using a Deno.env() function).

Nicholas C. Zakas

chart@1.0.1: Console ASCII Line Charts with No Dependencies — Given an array of values, this simply turns it into a line chart you can console.log out.

Maximous Black

Dino 1.0: A 1KB Type-Safe Dependency Injection Library

Yusuke Sakurai

Trex: An npm-Like Package Manager for Deno — Of course, you don’t need to use a package manager with Deno but if it makes you more comfortable, this brings package management but with a Deno oriented approach.

Crew Dev

Useful Resources

We're going to keep some links to perennially useful posts and resources down here just while everyone is getting up to speed with the Deno community. There's nothing new here, so if you want to skip them – no problem! :-)

awesome-deno: A Curated List of Things Related to Deno


The Deno Third Party Modules Directory — Deno has its own official code hosting service for Deno libraries.


Deno Docker: Latest Dockerfiles and Images for Deno — Grab some Docker files here covering Alpine Linux, CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu. 1.4.6 has just been added.

Andy Hayden

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