September 17, 2020

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Deno 1.4 Released: It's a Big One — Deno releases have been coming out frequently since the big 1.0, but this is the first one to get a blog post on the official site, which is nice. 1.4 adds support for the WebSocket API (which you can use from Deno just like you would in a browser), automatic restarts on file changes, integrated test coverage support, CSS styling in console.log, and more. There are examples of these features and others besides all covered in the post.

Bartek Iwańczuk, Ryan Dahl, and Luca Casonato

How to Build Your First Deno App with Authentication — Okta is a well known auth/user management platform and here’s their reasonably thorough introduction to using it to add authentication to a Deno app of your own.

Lee Brandt

Denopack: The Bundling and Minification Toolset, Made for Deno — A CLI tool and a collection of plugins designed for bundling code to be used with Deno or in the browser with no node_modules, npm, or Yarn needed.


DenoDB: A MySQL, SQLite, Postgres and MongoDB ORM

Arnaud Dellinger

PathRedux: Better Path Handling — Claims to let you work with paths in a ‘more dynamic and practical fashion’ than the standard approach. We’ll let the example code attempt to convince you.

Matheus Xavier Silva

Functional: Common Functional Programming Algebraic Data Types for JavaScript — Boasts compatibility with ‘most modern browsers’ and Deno.

Sebastien Filion

Useful Resources

We're going to keep some links to perennially useful posts and resources down here just while everyone is getting up to speed with the Deno community. There's nothing new here, so if you want to skip them – no problem! :-)

awesome-deno: A Curated List of Things Related to Deno


The Deno Third Party Modules Directory — Deno has its own official code hosting service for Deno libraries.


Deno Docker: Latest Dockerfiles and Images for Deno — Grab some Docker files here covering Alpine Linux, CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu. 1.4.0 was quickly released and is ready to go :-)

Andy Hayden

Curated by Peter Cooper

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