July 16, 2020

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Deno 1.2 Released — A real grab bag of additions (and fixes) in this latest minor release:

  • --no-check disables type checking during transpilation which can improve performance for certain tasks.
  • deno info now supports a --json flag.
  • you can use the DENO_CERT env variable to specify a different CA path.
  • Deno.ppid will get you the parent’s process ID.
  • Deno.consoleSize
Run deno upgrade --version 1.2.0 to upgrade.

Deno Land

▶  Ryan Dahl on the Internal Organization of Deno — Ryan went deep for the Deno Israel meetup by going into the technicalities of how Deno and its Rust-based internals are organized.

Ryan Dahl

youtube-deno: A Deno Client Library for the YouTube Data API — Create and manage playlists, search for content.. this is what you need for working with YouTube.

Aksh Gupta

Reno: A Thin, Testable Routing Library for Deno's http Module


Drash: A Dependency-Free REST Microframework for Deno — Borrows concepts from Flask, Laravel, and Tonic and does things a little differently than just being an Express clone, say.

Eric Crooks et al.

vercel-deno: Vercel Runtime for Deno Serverless Functions — Already updated to support Deno 1.2.0.

Nathan Rajlich

Useful Resources

We're going to keep some links to perennially useful posts and resources down here just while everyone is getting up to speed with the Deno community. There's nothing new here, so if you want to skip them – no problem! :-)

awesome-deno: A Curated List of Things Related to Deno


The Deno Third Party Modules Directory — Deno has its own official code hosting service for Deno libraries.


Deno Docker: Latest Dockerfiles and Images for Deno — Grab some Docker files here covering Alpine Linux, CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu.

Andy Hayden

▶  A 50 Minute Deno Crash Course

Traversy Media

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